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Adult Eye Exams

Comprehensive 360 eye exams for adults, more than just an Rx check.

At Eyes 360, our team only provides the type of care we would expect for our loved ones; this is why we focus on the entire health of the eye for a proactive healthcare approach.
This philosophy is the cornerstone of our services and makes us different from competitors at the cheaper big-box options.
Locally Owned and operated Okotoks Eyecare and High River Eyecare.



Our Doctors like to understand some of your history including lifestyle, medical, ocular and any chief complaints that may have brought you in for the exam. This helps our Doctors understand more about your specific needs.



Tonometry is the 'puff of air' test we perform at the beginning of your exam this determines the intraocular pressure, which is the fluid pressure inside the eye. It is an important test that helps us evaluate the risk of glaucoma in patients


Current Rx

We ask that you bring any vision correction items such as sunglasses, current glasses and contact lenses to your appointment. Our team can check the current prescription which helps the Doctor during the exam compare changes and ensure optimal vision with all your glasses.


OCT 3D Wide

OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. The 3D OCT scan is similar to an ultrasound, but uses light waves, rather than sound waves, to reveal the many layers that make up the back of your eyes. This scan is an important aspect of the Doctor being able to see the health of the eyes.


Auto Refraction

An autorefractor is a computer-controlled machine we use to provide an objective measurement of the refractive error and potential prescription for glasses or contact lenses. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it enters a person's eye!


Opto Map

The optomap is a digital image of the retina produced by Optos scanning laser technology.  It is the only technology that can capture 82% view of your retina at one time. This helps our Doctors detect problems more quickly and easily.  Unlike traditional retinal exams, the optomap image can be saved for future. comparisons.

Great staff who are friendly and helpful. They really took their time, I did not feel rushed. Dr. Damon was really cool in explaining things about my eye and about my vision. It was a really relax atmosphere.The drops already feel amazing, worth the money.
Thanks again, see you in a year!

Jessica M

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