Eyecare, Simplified

Technology Driven Eyecare
Curated Frame Selection 
Locally Delivered


Local and here for you.  Don't worry about where you'll get that adjustment done or what to do if your vision off


Phone, Email, Text, Social Media, whatever is easiest - we're here for you


Curated product and service options so you can get what you want and move on with your day


Advanced imaging and measurement tools to provide the best in optics and medical eyecare


We only recommend what we would for our own family. We don't over-test, however, we don't compromise


We put our patients' health and wellness first


You're Covered

When you buy at Eyes 360 you are getting more than just a product - you're getting a team behind your product and a guarantee that you're covered for the next 365 days.   

Eye Glasses | Sunglasses

Simplified pricing.  

 Independent brands focused on fashion + function

Anti-glare & scratch resistant coating on all lenses

Rx accuracy guarantee & no charge non-adapt changes

1 Year warranty

Unlimited nose pads & adjustments - no charge

Contact Lenses


Simplified pricing with free* shipping direct to your home 

Rx accuracy guarantee


No charge exchanges if your Rx changes

Free replacement of ripped or damaged lenses

Emergency care and/or sample lenses when you're in a pinch

No hidden fees & access to all supplier rebates & programs

Research-based.  No hype, just results

Curated - only what we would

use ourselves or recommend to our family

Natural and preservative-free



Preventative Care

'Eye Exams' are no longer enough.   Instead, we are building a 360-degree digital footprint and database on your vision and ocular health.  Advanced diagnostics so our doctors and team can monitor small changes and focus on preventative care

360 Eye Exams

Direct Billing

Optos & OCT 3D Imaging

Over 50 points of Analysis

Optimal Rx for Visual Clarity & Comfort

Glasses Consultation

Screening For

Amblyopia, Cataracts,  AMD, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Dry Eye, and More

Medical & Emergency Eyecare

Emergency Eye Care

Red Eyes

Glaucoma Monitoring & Treatment

Cataract Pre & Post Care

Dry Eye

Retinal Detachment & AMD

+ More

Cosmetic Eyecare & Dry Eye Treatment

Non-invasive skin remodelling that reduces wrinkles & improves eye comfort

TempSure Envi is a new radiofrequency treatment that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens skin* and improves ocular comfort

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In House Edging Lab


Faster Turnaround

Lower Cost and Increased Flexibility

Optometry in Okotoks

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