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What Makes us Different.

The 360 Difference

Hello and thank you for your interest in Eyes 360. We do things differently by focusing on top-notch care for our patients, just like we would for our family and loved ones. We understand that you have options when it comes to your eye health, and we truly appreciate you considering us. From our technology focus to our eyewear guarantee, we have your best interest at heart as we genuinely care for our communities and patients like family.

Technology & Imaging

Eyes 360 invests in cutting-edge technology and advanced imaging in our clinics. This technology ensures a comprehensive examination of your eye care, allowing us to offer proactive and preventative care. By detecting issues early on, we can often prevent more serious problems down the road. This means fewer surprises, a better quality of life, and, ultimately, savings on long-term healthcare costs.

We Genuinely Care

We offer the highest level of care that we would expect for our loved ones. Eye exams are not only about glasses or contact lenses. At Eyes 360 we choose to have advanced imaging included in all of our full eye exams, for all of our patients. Our Doctors believe in only the best care possible to ensure an accurate and wholistic exam. This imaging helps them with a visual of the entire health of the eye and not only if a prescription is needed for vision correction.

Dr. Nikki Eyes 360

After Hours & Emergencies

Did you know we have Doctors available after hours? We value the health of our community and are here for you even when our lights are out and doors to the clinic are closed. If you are experiencing an eye emergency simply text our business line and we can take the necessary steps from there based on your specific situation. 


Patient Convenience

We want the experience with us to be a smooth one, we offer online bookings, text communication and online updates to your file with us. Our lockers have been a hit, if you are unable to pick up your purchases during clinic hours, we have made it easy for you with our outside locker system!

Our Membership program has been successful and helped many patients save money and lessen the upfront costs associated with glasses and contact lenses.

Eyes 360 online
Eyes 360 Eyewear Guarantee

Eyewear Guarantee

We offer the following guarantees on our glasses purchases! 

One-Year Warranty for issues or damage.

One-Year Maintenance Package.

One-Year Rx Accuracy Guarantee.

One-Year Rx Change Guarantee.

Price Protection.

We include Scratch-resistant Coating & Anti-glare Technology on all glasses.

Lifetime maintenance on your glasses.

You can feel confident that when you purchase eyewear from Eyes 360 you are 100% covered. 



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