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360 Kids Exams

Regular eye exams for children are vital to monitor their vision development and detect any issues early on. Since children's eyes are still growing, identifying problems promptly can prevent potential vision impairments that may affect their learning and development. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists annual eye exams are recommended from the age of 6 months, help ensure healthy vision, early intervention for any abnormalities, and optimal academic and overall well-being for children as they grow.


Why choose Eyes 360 for your kids?

We genuinely care for your family like they are our own, this means we do not compromise on care. Our doctors require testing that provides us with a snapshot of your child's ocular health this helps us to monitor any potential changes and is the basis of our proactive approach to the health and vision needs of your kids. 

What gets evaluated at 360 Kids exams?

  • Eye Health

  • Vision

  • Eye Focusing

  • Eye Movement

  • Eye Alignment

  • Myopia

80% of learning is visual. A deficiency in any of the above can make learning challenging. Uncorrected eye conditions or refractive errors in childhood can also lead to long term vision defects.

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