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Can sunglasses improve vision?

Elevate your sunglass game to enhance your clarity of vision

It is well known that wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection helps to prevent eye disease like cataracts and macular degeneration, but did you know that different sunglass lenses can help to enhance the clarity of your vision outdoors?

Beyond the necessary 100% UV protection you want on any sunglass lenses, you can also opt for polarized lenses. Polarization is an additional filter built into the lens that helps to significantly reduce glare from direct sunlight and off reflective surfaces. This reduction in glare can relieve squinting or headaches that you may feel on bright, sunny days even when you are wearing regular sunglasses.

You can also consider a mirror coating on the sunglass lenses. This not only adds style points, but it also reflects some of the incoming light off the lens to reduce the amount passing through, lessening brightness and glare.

The next thing to consider when purchasing sunglasses, is the tint of your sunglass lenses. Different tints enhance contrast and clarity best in specific environments. Choose a tint based on your lifestyle and outdoor activities.

With Calgary and area receiving the greatest number of hours of sunlight and days of sunshine in all of Canada, sunglasses are a must-have for daily wear. Ensure you are wearing sunglasses with lenses providing 100% UV protection to maintain good eye health. Make the most of your sunglasses and enhance your vision by choosing the right sunglass lenses for your lifestyle.

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