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Tempsure Envi

TempSure Envi uses monopolar radio frequency to gently deliver heat deep into the meibomian glands. This helps to soften them so they can easily be expressed from the glands which will help restore the gland to normal function and improve the quality of the oil, thus reducing dry eye symptoms.


Optima IPL uses light pulses to gently deliver heat to the surface of the skin, or the blood vessels beneath it, that are causing inflammation of the skin and eyelids. This revolutionary treatment is fully customized to your skin type.

Bleph X

Cleans and exfoliates the eyelids and lashes to remove the biofilm and bacterial debris that builds up along the lid margin. This helps alleviate dry eye symptoms, prevents any long-term damage to your tear glands, and allows you to produce more of your own tears.

Combined, TempSure and IPL are FDA approved for over 20 skin indications including; inflammatory dry eye, wrinkle

reduction, skin tightening, and collagen regeneration. In addition to helping with ocular surface dryness, you will also enjoy aesthetic benefits.

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MGD- Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


The upper and lower lid margin are lined with tiny glands that secrete a protective oil onto the outer surface of the eye. MGD, also known as Meibomian gland dysfunction, occurs when the Meibomian glands become blocked or clogged with waxy debris. This prevents the glands from secreting oil into our tears. Without this protective oily layer, the tears evaporate off the eye too quickly resulting in dry eyes.


In 2019, the Alberta Association of Optometry commissioned a study that revealed 90% of Albertans suffer from dry eyes symptoms.

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