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Dry eyes? We got you covered!!

With winter comes snow, skiing, and hot chocolate… but also cold, dry weather resulting in dry skin, hair, and dry eyes.

Cold temperatures, frosty winds, and indoor heating all contribute to the worsened dryness we experience in the winter season. Dry eyes can feel like a burning, stinging, itchiness, or pressure in the eyes and can result in watering, blurred, or fluctuating vision. To help alleviate symptoms, follow these tips:

- Ensure you stay well hydrated.

- Use lubricating eye drops. Visit your optometrist to find out which eye drops are best for you.

- Make sure any heaters or fans at home or in the car are not directed at your eyes or face.

- Consider a humidifier in your home or office.

- Wear sunglasses outside to provide UV protection as well as to protect from wind exposure.

If you have chronic or recurrent dry eye symptoms, visit your optometrist to determine the best treatment for you to find relief!

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