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Eye Exams vs School Exams

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Did you know that 80% of learning is visual? This means that good vision far away and up close is imperative for your child’s success in school. However, vision is so much more than just being able to see clearly.

The eyes must be able to focus the correct amount to be able to see at near, they must be able to sustain this focusing to be able to read books and do near work for extended periods of time, and they must be able to accurately and efficiently change their focusing to be able to alternate looking between near and far. If focusing ability is reduced this can lead to headaches, eye strain or avoidance of near work.

Visual skills including eye teaming and eye tracking are crucial for being able to follow along a line and moving between lines in a paragraph when reading. A deficiency in these skills can result in losing one’s place on a page, as well as skipping or confusing words.

Annual eye examinations are recommended to be able to determine whether your child needs glasses or has impaired visual skills.

Start the school year on the right foot with a comprehensive eye examination evaluating vision, visual skills, and eye health.

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