Sports & safety eyewear

Safety eyewear for work, home, & sports can prevent more than 90% of eye injuries. Don’t Become a Statistic: Protect Your Eyes

In Canada There Are Over 720,000 Preventable Eye Injuries Every Year

Over 700 people injure their eyes every day at work, home, and recreationally. As eye care professionals, we struggle with this reality because we know that 9 in 10 of them are entirely preventable by an inexpensive pair of safety glasses.

We implore you to protect your eyes whenever the potential for injury exists. Whether it’s at home, work, or for sport, eye protection should always be part of your uniform.

Protective Eyewear Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance. Yes, Really!

We regularly work with highly-competitive athletes that have come to appreciate not only the protection that performance eyewear can provide, but also the advantages it offers them on the field, in the arena, or out on the course.

There’s no denying that most sports have a need for eye protection. Whether your sport is hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, running, or otherwise, the benefits offered by a pair of performance glasses are numerous and, once you’ve experienced them, obvious.

Prescription eye protection for home, work & sports

In the past, people that required corrective lenses needed to wear safety glasses over top of their regular glasses (or when wearing contact lenses). Today, this is no longer the case: many different types and styles of safety glasses exist, and many of them can be made with your corrective lens prescription.

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