digital eye strain

Over 60% of Albertans Experience Digital Eye Strain. We Can Help With Yours.

Increasing Use of Technology is Contributing to a Rise in Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

If you work in an office in front of a computer, you are probably familiar with the signs that it’s time to take a break: tired eyes, neck and back pain, and difficulty focusing on your work. Anyone who’s spent serious time in front of a computer knows what those uncomfortable symptoms feel like.

Digital eye strain is becoming more common, due in large part to the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. These devices place stress on our eyes, though it isn’t always obvious that’s the case. If you’re prone to spending hours at a time using your computer or looking at your phone, chances are that you have felt digital eye strain first hand.

We Can Help Manage the Symptoms of Eye Strain

If eye strain is impairing your ability to work, be productive, or use digital devices, we invite you to speak with one of our optometrists. We can help relieve the symptoms of eye strain, as well as give you tools and techniques that will help manage its long-term impacts.

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