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Conjunctivitis (Red Eye)

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Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Diagnosis & Treatment

Almost All Canadians Have First-Hand Experience With Pink Eye

When most of us think of pink eye, we think of the infectious bacterial or viral versions of conjunctivitis. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis spread through a group of people quickly- it’s very “popular” at school (once one child has it, several more are sure to follow in short order).

Conjunctivitis can be caused by pathogens (bacteria or viruses), the environment (air quality, dust, smoke), or allergies. Each cause requires a different type of treatment- antibiotics won’t work for viral conjunctivitis, for example.

The first step in properly treating the symptoms is to diagnose the cause. Our optometrists have diagnosed and treated thousands of cases of pink eye and will quickly determine the type/cause of your pink eye.

With offices in High River, Nanton, Okotoks, and Vulcan, there’s an Eyes 360 nearby that can help you! A visit to our clinic is often much faster than a walk-in. Please call the location nearest you and specify that you are coming in for a pink eye diagnosis. Visit our locations.

Learn more About Conjunctivitis

Known colloquially as “pink eye”, conjunctivitis’s nickname stems from its main symptom: a visible reddening of the conjunctiva (the white part of your eye).

Types of Conjunctivitis – There are three types of conjunctivitis:

  • Viral – Viral conjunctivitis is generally on the mild side, with symptoms usually clearing up in one to two weeks (without treatment).
  • Bacterial – Bacterial conjunctivitis benefits considerably from antibacterial eye drops, which will clear the infection in just a few days. Without treatment, bacterial conjunctivitis can last for up to 3 weeks.
  • Allergic – A visible reddening of the eye is a symptom of many allergies. Unfortunately, the only permanent treatment for allergic conjunctivitis is the removal of the allergen from your environment. However, medicated eye drops (antihistamines) can be effective in providing temporary relief.

Symptoms – Conjunctivitis has many symptoms similar to other eye diseases, making self-diagnosis difficult in some cases. Look for:

  • A visible reddening of the eye, eyelids, and surrounding area
  • Watery eyes
  • A sticky, yellow secretion from the eye
  • A “crust” on your eye when first waking up
  • Itchy eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Impaired vision (hazy, blurry)

Diagnosis – The optometrist will perform a series of tests to determine the nature of your conjunctivitis. We may send samples to a lab for processing if we are unsure.

Treatment – Once we have a proper diagnosis we are able to move forward with treatment. Mild cases of conjunctivitis can be treated with topical medications to alleviate symptoms. Allergic conjunctivitis can be treated with antihistamines.

Many symptoms can be effectively treated with warm compresses. We recommend warm compresses with a clean, lint-free cloth for 10-20 minutes at a time. Do not drape the cloth over both eyes if only one eye is infected, otherwise you may inadvertently infect the healthy eye. Be sure to wash the cloths immediately after use to avoid spreading the pathogen.

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