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Adult Eye Exam

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What If We Told You That an Annual

Eye Exam Was the Best Way to Protect Your Vision?

Your Eyes Cannot Recover Lost Vision. To Preserve Your Sight We Must Monitor Your Eyes.

Canadians are lucky because of our access to some of the best medical care in the world. We often take for granted the access to care that we have. For most Canadians, we know that we can visit the doctor whenever we feel ill or injure ourselves.

Our eyes are unique, and most Canadians don’t realize that the way we care for our eyes is different than how we care for the rest of our body.

An eye exam takes approximately 1 hour to complete, including our pre-examination testing. During the eye exam we will assess your vision quality, determine your corrective lens prescription (if needed), as well as identify any underlying eye diseases or conditions that may be presented.

The eye exam is non-invasive and is not painful.

Pre-Examination Testing – Our pre-examination tests are a series of diagnostic tests performed with an optometric assistant and various pieces of equipment. Our offices are equipped with some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in eye care today, and we are proud to be able to offer our small town and rural patients access to advanced care without having to make a long drive to Calgary or Lethbridge.

Our offices in High River and Vulcan utilize the Topcon Maestro optical coherence tomography equipment to take detailed images of your retina and optic nerve. This extremely sensitive and detailed assessment of your eye is ideal for detecting glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other vision-threatening eye diseases.

We also utilize high-resolution retinal imaging, using either the Zeiss Visucam (at our Okotoks office) or the Canon Retinal Camera (at our Nanton and High River offices).

Optometrist-Assisted Testing
– After the pre-testing is complete, you will meet with the optometrist who will complete the eye exam. The optometrist will complete specialized tests, many of which build off of the information obtained during the pre-testing. If needed, the optometrist finalizes your new (or updated) corrective lens prescription and determines your level of visual acuity.

The optometrist performs various tests, such as a slit-lamp exam, that empower them to make informed diagnoses.

Determining or Updating Your Corrective Lens Prescription – If you require corrective lenses, or your existing prescription requires updating, the optometrist will do so during the exam.

Diagnosing Eye Diseases & Conditions – If your eye has a developing eye disease or underlying condition that affects eye health or vision quality, it will be diagnosed during the eye exam. We perform an in-depth look at your eye health to ensure that we are proactively screening for these conditions.

Why Our Eyes Are Different

When you get a throat infection, you visit the doctor to have the cause of the infection diagnosed. With the diagnosis, the doctor then provides the appropriate treatment (whether it’s antibiotics or otherwise) and then you start down the road of recovery. For most illnesses, this is how it goes.

However, what if each time you get a throat infection, you lost part of your ability to swallow? Would this change how you approach caring for your throat?

For our eyes, vision lost to disease or illness is rarely recovered. For this reason, we strongly advise our patients to adopt a proactive approach to eyecare.

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