laser eye surgery consultation

Laser Eye Surgery is a safe procedure that can permanently eliminate the need for corrective lenses.

Tired of Wearing Glasses? Don’t Want to Wear Contact Lenses? Laser Eye Surgery May be a Solution

If you’re tired of wearing corrective lenses and want to return to vision without their assistance, laser eye surgery is a great option. The procedure is safe, very successful, and typically little more than mildly uncomfortable.

You’ve probably heard of laser eye surgery advertised on the radio or TV as LASIK, with these ads quick to tout the many benefits that LASIK surgery offers. LASIK is the most popular version of laser eye surgery, yes, though it is one of three popular variations of the procedure performed here in Alberta.

During your consultation with the optometrist we will walk you through the results of our assessment, the version of the procedure that is best suited for you, and what the appropriate next steps are.

We Can Help Manage the Symptoms of Eye Strain

If eye strain is impairing your ability to work, be productive, or use digital devices, we invite you to speak with one of our optometrists. We can help relieve the symptoms of eye strain, as well as give you tools and techniques that will help manage its long-term impacts.

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Before having surgery performed, your eyes must be assessed in order to ensure they are suitable for surgery. Visit one of our four offices – located in High River, Nanton, Okotoks, and Vulcan – to have your eyes assessed by an optometrist.

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