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Glaucoma is a Serious Disease That Can Rob You of Your Vision

As eye care professionals, few diseases are as frustrating as glaucoma. It checks all the boxes that make it a real problem to consider: it’s painless, silent, and slow to develop. It eats away at your peripheral vision, often for months or even years before you notice. By the time you do, you’re well on your way to tunnel vision.

With early diagnosis and medical management, glaucoma can be effectively managed. The fact that glaucoma does not have to be devastating with early detection is almost more frustrating than the medical implications.

Vision lost to glaucoma is lost permanently.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key, and regular eye exams are the tool.
Using sophisticated imaging and diagnostic equipment, we can detect glaucoma when it is in its very infancy.

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50% of Canadians With Glaucoma Don’t Know They Have It

This alarming statistic speaks to the true danger that glaucomas represents. Unlike an illness (such as the flu), glaucoma affords no symptoms to act as an early warning. There’s no pain (in 98%+ of cases) and no warning.