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Flashes of Light or Floaters in Your Vision Can Be Indicative of a Developing Eye Problem

Before you panic about your floaters, know that the overwhelming majority of flashes/floaters in vision prove to be harmless. Annoying, certainly, but usually little more than that. However, flashes and floaters (either together or separately) are symptoms of some eye conditions and diseases, and for that reason we strongly encourage you to have yours assessed (especially if your flashes/floaters are new).

eye disease, Flashes of light, & Floaters

In rare cases, floaters are a symptom of a serious eye disease (such as diabetic retinopathy), a serious eye injury, or a tumour in the eye.

Flashes of light, on the other hand, are often symptoms of a physical change to the eye (such as a posterior vitreous detachment or retinal detachment).

For these reasons, we recommend that any new instance of light flashes or floaters be examined by an optometrist. The examination, which is painless and non-invasive (learn more about our eye exams), will determine whether or not the floaters/flashes are symptoms of a larger problem.

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In most cases, floaters are no cause for alarm. However, if it suddenly appears to be “snowing” floaters, seek medical attention ASAP as you may be experiencing a medical emergency.