Emergency Eye Services in High River, Nanton, Okotoks & Vulcan.


What is an “Eye Emergency”?

Simply put, an eye emergency is any situation where the health of your eye is at immediate risk. Emergencies of this nature can vary from foreign bodies getting embedded in the eye, to chemical burns, to sudden or severe eye pain (which itself is indicative of angle-closure glaucoma).

A visit to one of our optometry offices is usually faster than a visit to a walk-in clinic or hospital. Emergency medical services provided by our clinics are covered financially by Alberta Health.

Typical Situations That Warrant Emergency Treatment

Any situation that causes eye pain should be investigated. The eye is a delicate organ and should not feel pain. Pain in the eye is very different compared to pain in other areas of your body. Even minor pain should be taken seriously.

Foreign bodies (dust, debris, etc.), infections, burns, pink eye, and physical damage to the eyes (scratches, etc.) warrant prompt treatment.

what not to do in an emergency situation

It is important that you do not physically manipulate your eye while it is in pain. This means no rubbing, scratching, etc. It’s also important that you do not use any eye drops or medications until after you have met with an eye doctor. Lastly, if there is a foreign body in your eye, do not attempt removal yourself.


What to Do During an Eye Emergency

If you are reading this during business hours, call us immediately. We will provide direction as to whether or not you should visit one of our clinics or a walk-in/hospital.

If it is after business hours, visit a walk-in clinic/urgent care facility/hospital as soon as possible or call Alberta Health Link at 811. While it may wind up proving to be “nothing”, because lost vision cannot be restored, it is always better to be safe than sorry!