Contact lens fitting & exams

Enjoy Comfortable Vision Correction With Contact Lenses.

Contact Lenses Are Comfortable to Wear

You may have heard otherwise, but know that the overwhelming majority of people find contact lenses comfortable and easy to get used to. True, there is a brief adaptation period, but it only lasts a few days before you’re in the clear… vision (d’oh).

It’s All About Fit!

If you think about it, contact lenses are one of the most intimate medical appliances you will use. The contact lens rests on a thin film of tears directly on top of the cornea. Due to this intimacy, we are careful to choose a style and shape of lens ideally suited for your eye.

What to Expect from a Contact Lens Exam/Fit

Each of our four locations across southern Alberta are equipped to accurately measure your eyes for contact lens fit. This exam assesses your general eye health, as well as elements of your eye specific to contact lenses.

The exam will take approximately 1 hour and is non-invasive and pain-free.


MAINTENANCE & STORAGE REQUIREMENTS – As you can imagine, caring for your contact lenses is very important. Without proper care, wearing contacts can be uncomfortable (in extreme cases, they can even cause eye damage).

Cleaning and storage requirements vary- we will provide proper instructions once we have identified which type is best for you. While this may sound complex, storage and cleaning requirements usually revolve around “wear these as directed” and “soak in contact lens solution only”.

GOOD EYE HEALTH IS A MUST– Healthy eyes are essential for optimal comfort. If you have dry eye syndromeconjunctivitis, or some other kind of eye disease, conventional contact lenses can’t be worn. This is also true when you have temporary illnesses that cause eye symptoms.

Scleral contact lenses may be an option if you have dry eye.


choose from today’s best brands and styles

A LARGE SELECTION - We are committed to offering our patients and guests the latest contact lens advancements and styles. Choose from different wear schedules, from daily-disposable to continuous-wear, and from different lens styles, from standard to multifocal.

CONTACT LENS FOR ASTIGMATISM - If you have been denied contact lenses in the past due to astigmatism, scleral contact lenses may be a solution. Visit us to learn more.