Eye Exams For Children

It’s Important to Show Growing Eyes Some Love

Keeping an Eye on Your Kids’ Eye Health

One of the most amazing things in life is growing up and experiencing new things. New sights, sounds, situations, and people all help shape us as we grow from who we were into who we become. Throughout our young lives our sight provides us with the ability to see new and exciting things.

With no frame of reference to compare their experiences to, children are quick to adapt to new situations and challenges. This includes their vision, where nearly 25% of kids require some kind of vision correction and only half know about it. After all, if you don’t know any better, how can you know when something is wrong?

Things to Know About Eye Exams for Kids

An eye exam takes approximately 1 hour to complete, including our pre-examination testing. During the eye exam we will assess your child’s vision quality, determine their corrective lens prescription (if needed), as well as identify any underlying eye diseases or conditions that may be influencing their vision.

The eye exam is non-invasive and is not painful.


Annual Eye Exams Are an Important Part of Preventative Health Care

An eye exam says what your child doesn’t. Using high-tech equipment, we can see deep into the eye in great detail. Any underlying vision problems are quickly found.

Most kids do not need glasses, and in those cases, the eye exam is simply another quick and painless appointment. For the 25% of school-age children that need glasses, the eye exam will unlock improved sight.